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Lesbionario in English

Dora Rozetti
Lesbian Eressos - the miracle
Eleni Papadaki

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April 2006

Briefly, this page is about the Greek lesbians from the beginning of the 20th century.  It all started with the discovery of a book, ´Her Mistress´, published in 1929 which, very soon after that, disappeared off the face of the earth.  It was unearthed in a couple of private libraries recently and published again in 2005. 
As incredible as it sounds, nobody sought it, nobody missed it, never came up anywhere.  Very very sad for our society.  Anyhow, it has deeply shaken the lives of Greek speaking lesbians, as now there is a local point of reference.
The book is stupendous, it is beautifully written and has provided the Greek language with some hitherto inconceivable written uses of words and concepts.
We are grateful and we have breathed a collective sigh of relief, to say the least.
More soon.

'...έρχομαι σ' επαφή με γυμνή σάρκα...Έχει κάτι το υπεράνθρωπο τ' άρωμα αυτό.'